“Ancient World” and “A Golden Sense” by Lara Zhuravska

Lara Zhuravska is from Ukraine: “Its unique amazing green place with huge amount of antique monuments. If you were born there – it’s difficult not to become an artist. Art is giving feeling of happiness. It’s difficult to explain… Happiness is reproduction of fantasies in pictorial art. Its use of your internal feelings to create something beautiful.”

Real art genesis related to human being appearance. Lara was seeking inspiration in heritage of humanity. To show inner human life difficulty and power of energies, – she used abstract approach to painting – bright colored, simplified shapes. We see experiments with details and abstraction & semi- abstract shapes.

There are 2 topics in exhibition: “Ancient World” & “Golden Sense”. These two themes are different in way of execution, but have common points. Human is always interacting with the world & its energies, what is making consequent response in him.

This exhibition shows how from same source, so many different sensations can be born. The aim is to force to looks inside you to see & feel this variety of energies, imagine its power and touch to internal freedom feeling.

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