“HYBRID HEROINE” by Jennifer Stelco

Hybrid Heroine is a jovial celebration of influential women throughout history. Passionate portraits depict era-defying mutations of two influential female figures in 25 unique digital pieces.

Rich is symbolism, as well as literal historic reference. The primary purpose of this series is to explore feminism in a loose and suggestive form, focusing in on the common attributes present in powerful women. The hybrids leap across generations, illustrating that feminism is nothing new and that striking similarities exist between historic and modern day struggles.

The women represented have made a name for themselves across a broad range of disciplines, including science, literature, pop-culture, fashion design, politics, sports, aviation, philanthropy, education, visual arts, pioneering and the media, with mythical figures and royalty also included.

This series is a departure from Jennifer’s usual work, which has predominantly been paint-based, and represents her first exploration of digital arts.

There’s more than a twinkle of humor resonating throughout the series, but passion, strength and celebration would be the most succinct summary. Each piece is inspiring and intriguing in equal measure, and collectively the series certainly succeeds in delivering a powerful message.

Jennifer Stelco began studying fine art in her home country, Australia, in 2006, going on to complete her degree at the Bauhaus in Germany in 2009. After this, she moved to London for a year, before venturing onwards to Dubai, where she began working as a full-time artist. Jennifer’s

career spans across portraiture, commissions, speed painting, illustration and graphic design. Hybrid Heroine is the follow up to her successful debut solo exhibition, Monster, in 2013.