“Nasser’s Secrets The Prologue”

The Cartoon Art Gallery cordially invites you to the upcoming show: “Nasser’s Secrets The Prologue” by Khaled Bin Hamad on 14/01/13 until 25/01/13

As a child, artist Khaled Bin Hamad have always loved to draw super heroes on every surface he could find such as school tables, books and even on walls. He started with pencil and moved to charcoal and oil paint by the age of sixteen. While studying in Japan, the artist fell in love with Japanese pop culture. His love for Japanese Manga started in his childhood but grew stronger in his years spent in Japan. During his stay in Japan, Khaled studied Manga sketching and character design for two years.

“Nasser’s Secrets The Prologue” is the preface of a new upcoming Emirati science-fiction graphic novel. The story is about the disappearance of three teenagers for three days and how they came back after those three days, fifteen years older. The graphic novel unfolds the events that occurred to these three heroes.

The Prologue will be exhibited as an art show. The pages of the novel will be displayed on the walls so the reader will start with the first page and move on to the next in order to read the story. This concept was originated in Japan, and now for the first time it will be introduced in the Middle East.