“Made in Nadia”


The Cartoon Art Gallery is proud to present Nadia in her first solo exhibition in   Dubai, ‘Made in Nadia’.

Born in 1985, self-taught French illustrator and painter Nadia, unveils a new body of work that addresses humorous notions of the beauty of life, perceptions of the soul and amusement through a series of artwork. Influenced by the 20′ and 30’s: the Art Deco movement and « Art Nouveau » Nadia is also inspired by actual street art, cartoons and fashion. The artwork aspire to bring humour and put a smile on everybody’s face with it’s light spirited elements and bring the art of beauty standards in today’s society.

Born and raised in France, Nadia grew up drawing since the early age of six years old. Passionate about design and art history, she has taught herself different techniques using different materials that includes soft pastels, acrylics, oil, pencil, paper, ink and more.. Addionally, she completes her work using modern softwares.

In her graphic design work, she enjoys mixing her designs and posters with Art Deco codes associated with humor and a mix of art movements and styles. Nadia also paints on anything: from shoes, T-shirts to bags. She transforms simple things into humourous and amusing designs that can be worn everyday.

“Art is not static, it moves with you… Art is a part of your life… Art is everywhere around you” – Nadia

Nadia believes that art is not only a reflection of life and human beings, but also an element that enhances everyday life. Art can be playful, amusing and accessible.

Nadia recently moved to Dubai six months ago and has been based here since, she works as a freelancer in graphic design – besides being a painter and jewelery creator.

The MadeinNadia show continues to showcase its work at The Cartoon Art Gallery. Please join us from Saturday to Thursday May 24 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm