Coffee Beanery at the Cartoon Art Gallery!



Coffee and Art go hand in hand!

Welcome everyone to our new Coffee Beanery at the Cartoon Art Gallery!

We now have a coffee counter where you can enjoy an artsy conversation along with the most delicious coffee of your choice! You may want to try the signature Cafe Caramel along while enjoying the art view and the serene and artsy atmosphere in our space!

Drop by at your own time for a new different location; make yourself a favor and inform all your friends to enjoy the unique art we offer along with a delicious coffee or snack of your own choice and indulge yourself in an artsy conversation with friends, colleagues or artists – or simply just enjoy yourself.

Try something new for yourself, a new location, new art, or a unique combination of experience and great atmosphere that you can only find here at our one and only Cartoon Art Gallery in the Middle East!

We now offer you a great opportunity not to miss the fun!
Enjoy a unique experience..!

See you soon! 🙂