A Night of Psych (Play)

A Night of Psych

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23 June at 19:00 – 25 June at 19:00


The Cartoon Art Gallery

4B Street, Al Quoz 1
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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For Backstage

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Backstage is back with its two latest plays: The Story of Three and The Waiting Room.

Join us on Thursday, June 23rd or Saturday, June 25th at The Cartoon Art Gallery for a night of two plays and more. Each night will be filled with plenty of psychological under text. Tickets are 30 dirhams at the door (20 Dirhams for members or students with valid ID.)

First Play:

The Story of Three
by Mohammed Al-Sudairy

Synopsis: A psychological thriller which explores the minds of three troubled characters, each with their own serious issue. Suspense and mystery envelop the audience as the various problems of their characters unwind with a twist.

NARRATOR: Kanchan Kulkarni
JAI: Dharam Sood
NATASHA: Melanie Westhuizen
OMAR: Binod Shankar

Second Play:

The Waiting Room
by Philip Apaza

Synopsis: A comedy about four completely unordinary people in a seemingly ordinary waiting room. Concern sets in for some when they realize they’re all there for a different reason. As some become suspicious and others continue on with their antics, the characters realize they are being manipulated.

NUMBER 36: Malavika Das
NUMBER 39: Pratyush Ghuwalewala
NUMBER 42: Emma Mubarak
NUMBER 44: Al Letzer
THE “MAN”: Myles Cummings

There may be a few more acts in the night as well, join us for some drama and some laughs in this mixed bag evening of psych!

About Backstage:

Backstage is a non-profit, amateur community theatre group dedicated to performing quality, professional-level productions. Comprised of members of all ages and backgrounds who share a common, dedicated passion and enthusiasm for entertaining audiences and the thrills of the stage, Backstage aims to highlight the talent of Dubai while raising awareness of theater and the arts. Formed in late 2009, the group has propelled itself into the region’s drama scene with fervor, having been extensively written about in the press, even being cited as “prolific” by Gulf News’ Xpress. Prolific they are with twelve productions in just over a year of existence.

Understanding our roots in a diverse community, Backstage mirrors the broad appeals and talents of Dubai. This accessibility and approachability are some of the key aspects which set Backstage apart from other groups. It has accelerated us to an amazing growth and we can now be consider one of Dubai’s largest and most noticeable theater groups.

Cartoon Art Gallery: Behind Times Square off Sheikh Zayed Rd. Check out http://www.cartoonartgalle​ry.org/ for more info!

For directions, the location is pinned on Google Maps here: http://maps.google.com/?ie​=UTF8&hq&hnear=Dubai+-+Uni​ted+Arab+Emirates&ll=25.14​2468%2C55.222499&spn=0.010​043%2C0.021136&t=h&z=16